Letter of Appreciation to a Teacher (Kind of)

A few weeks ago through this week was teacher appreciation week at many schools across the nation. At our kids’ school, students in one class were asked to write a letter of appreciation to their favorite Student writing letterteacher. This came in from one 6th grader (who might or might not live in my home):

Dear Mrs. XXXXXX,

I just wanted to say thanks for all you have taught me this year, and for putting up with me. Because I’m pretty sure if I had to deal with and teach sixty kids a day I would pass out. And us kids have the easy part. All we have to do is show up to school and do what you tell us. But you have to take time out of your own day and grade our tests, make a plan for the next day, and just set up all of the things we do throughout the whole year. So even though I didn’t really enjoy your tests, the homework or your lessons, you are still the greatest teacher I have ever had.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week Teachers!