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College & Career Ready Doesn’t Come Easy in LA High Schools

Increasing access to educational opportunities that are truly College and Career Ready is a tall order…particularly in the nation’s 2nd largest school district.

However, for those prepared to roll up their sleeves and wade deep into rooms of teachers looking to legitimately analyze and examine their curricular approaches from basic assignments to key assessments, good things can happen. Coaching teams of teachers over the course of 3 full days, and utilizing online collaboration and authoring tools created to specifically structure an effective approach, teachers unlocked the best they have to offer students aspiring to go far beyond high school.lausd_training

Navigation North was invited to lead another intensive curriculum series in which we worked with teams of STEM and CTE educators from some of the nation’s largest high schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District. Two cohorts of educators labored to re-design and submit their courses of study to the University of California’s meticulous A-G approval process with the hopes of getting them reviewed and approved as rigorous, university-level coursework that also provides students 21st century STEM/CTE programs across diverse career pathways.

Working exclusively within our online collaborative platform to help manage the work flow of the teams with outline development, creation of key lesson plans and projects, and sharing of course models and authoring strategies, teachers were successful in developing and submitting a whole new list of approved coursework for students across some of the nation’s most diverse secondary campuses. These STEM-rich, career-ready courses will now not only provide students access to hands-on, experiential, career ready learning BUT will also satisfy key requirements necessary for students wanting to qualify to enter one of nine University of California campuses or any of the California State University campuses as an incoming college freshmen. Now that is increasing access!

Hi Brian, you guys helped me and my colleagues re-develop and write the Foods and Nutrition G-elective curriculum. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that the class has been UC APPROVED! GO US! Thank you so, so much for all your help and coaching.

-Stef Kelly, Carson Senior High School Culinary Science Program Lead

Due to the hard-work and diligence of the devoted teachers we met, the courses below (and their related Industry Sectors or Pathways) were designed and approved as new CTE focused, UC preparatory programs for LAUSD students giving them both high-quality CTE programming while also gaining them valuable University of California approved coursework. This is what true College and Career Ready looks like!

  • Agents of Social Change – Entrepreneurs in the 21st Century – Marketing and Sales
  • The Business of Music – Marketing and Sales / Arts, Media, and Entertainment
  • Engineering Dynamics – Engineering Design
  • Experimental Photography – Arts, Media, and Entertainment
  • Family Structure: Teen Roles and Transitions – Education, Child Development and Family Services
  • Food Science, Technology, & the Modern Pantry – Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition
  • Food and Nutritional Sciences – Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition
  • Formulating Statistics for the 21st Century – Information and Communication Technologies
  • Graphic Communications – Information and Communication Technologies
  • New Media A/B – Arts, Media, and Entertainment
  • Principles of Accounting – Business and Finance
  • Screen Printing and Design – Graphic Production Technology
  • Architectural Design 2 – Engineering and Architectural Design
  • Digital Photo Design – Design, Visual, and Media Arts
  • Empowering Professional Literacy – Business Management

We are proud of the work these dedicated teachers performed during their summer break, and even more proud of the results they garnered from the UC High School Articulation Office and the opportunities it will provide their students moving forward.

Navigation North Personnel Leading the Training Program Included:

Brian Ausland  brian9    &  Jodi Halligan  jodi7