Are We Largely Guessing at What Schools Need, Want or Can Even Buy?

Our calendar after the SxSW EDU events had us immediately in meetings at the CA. Dept. of Education and then at a 3 day educator conference showcasing online systems and curricular models. Having time now to reflect on one event that was primarily vendors,start-ups, and venture capitalists, and one focused on legislative will, governmental and department interplay at the state level, and the last a largely educator-centric and educational leadership get-together…we concluded that there is just a lot of uneducated to semi-educated guessing going on…on behalf of education in the ed-tech space. In processing all of this, we have come away with a few statements we felt strongly about regarding efforts to assist schools, teachers, students, families, education systems, etc…that might be of consequence and promote the bottom line of investors and companies as the case may be.

Here are the 3 general themes of those observations that I will elaborate on in more detail in the next few days…stay tuned.

1. Automate vs. Accentuate

2. Knowing vs. Understanding

3. Providing Resources vs. Teaching Students

For now, in the spirit of better understanding how schools see and consume technology, Education Week compiled a number of sources into a single infographic on the use of technology across the K-12 landscape that would be a good first step in looking at how schools rate various technologies and where they are electing to spend finite resources.

K-12 Technology Usage