NavNorth to Help Feds Advance Digital Resources for Education

Navigation North recently submitted a proposal and was selected to lead the next evolution of the federal Learning Registry project for the United States Department of Education. We are happy to build upon and join both SRI and ADL in continuing to make more digital resources readily accessible to the pursuit of life-long learning and education.

Concluding our first meeting with the USDOE Office of Educational Technology, we will be working directly with various national STEM and science education teams along with a number of agencies producing high-quality instructional resources across the nation. We look forward to the collective expertise the Office of Educational Technology and their partner content authoring agencies bring to the ongoing needs of our schools, teachers, and students moving forward.

Look for more information coming soon as we begin this journey with some of the nation’s most talented thought-leaders in the arena of digital resource identification and distribution in support of education. In addition to supporting the Learning Registry, Navigation North will be responsible for extending the web services and resource dissemination design and efforts of the national Science Education site as a directive from the White House in their ongoing commitment to increasing student access to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum as well as implementing new features for the Office of Ed. Tech’s site surrounding these initiatives.