Time with Teachers…Always Good

On Valentine’s day, we had the pleasure of spending time with about 40 exceptional teachers. First off, I would like to acknowledge that these fine folks were made to spend their Valentine’s Day and the day after with us developing standards-aligned curriculum models online. As is typical, we like to gather as many are willing the first night of our training for dinner together somewhere local. And per the information laid out above…that had a group of about 20 of us looking for a place to eat on good ‘ol V-Day. We landed at AppleBees and inadvertently took many viable tables away from couples trying to commemorate the evening amongst a tribe of educators eating, drinking, and speaking of standards, activities, and instructional experiences with way too much enthusiasm.

Indeed we, like the teachers we accompanied…were not with our sweethearts. But there was plenty of love due to the fact that some of the most inspiring, dedicated, giving people you could ever hope to find yourself with on any given day, if not you’re own sweetie, are teachers. Here are some videos of the great people we were able to work with this last month.