Frank Catalano writes about SLC, LR, and LRMI

An excerpt from Frank Catalano’s Potent Alphabet Soup: How SLI, LR and LRMI Will Shape Education Technology Content

“Imagine how you would feel if, while you’re focused on upgrading your home’s fixtures and appliances, the underlying plumbing was plotting to re-configure itself.

In a household metaphor, that’s the situation education technology application developers face with three major but little-understood multi-state or national digital education initiatives. All three plumbing efforts are foundation- or association-driven. And all will demand at least some of your attention between now and next spring – whether you’re an established company or a wanna-change-the-classroom startup.”

Frank Catalano wrote a very informative article on the role of various projects such as the Shared Learning Collaborative (SLC), the Learning Registry (LR), and the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) in today’s EdSurge. As most know, we are heavily involved in the development and deployment of the Learning Registry and have recently been integrating LRMI specifications into our metadata in a number of projects we have developed and are managing on behalf of a number of state and national partners…this article provides a good snap-shot of why these initiatives and their work is important and will change education technology related content and its use.